"Presbyterian History"

Presbyterian History is a biennial publication of the Committee on History of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. The first issue was published in March 1957 with articles written by The Rev. Dr. John A. Johnston and The Rev. John McNab. Dr. Johnston was the newsletter's first editor, followed by The Rev. Dr. T. Melville Bailey. Since 1991 The Rev. Peter Bush has served in this volunteer position. Each issue generally contains at least one longer article; often approx. 2500 words in lenth. Topics have ranged from historical biographies of prominent Presbyterians to examinations of current issues which have historical connections. Many of the newsletters also offer insightful reviews of current books, both theological and historical.

Copies of the latest issue, as well as those from the past 10 years are available below as PDF files. As time permits we will continue to scan more of the back issues with the eventual goal of having more than 50 years of "Presbyterian History" history available for interested readers and researchers.

2012 May (Vol. 56, No. 1)
"Margaret Wilson: Carved in Memory?" by Stuart Macdonald; Historical Vignette - reprint of the Loyal Address to Queen Elizabeth II from the General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, June 1952; Book reviews and notes.

2011 November (Vol. 55, No. 2)
"Canadian Presbyterians Preaching on September 16, 2001" by Peter Bush, Manitoba; Book reviews and notes.

2011 May (Vol. 55, No. 1)
"This One Essential Thing: Ecclesial Ontology in W.W. Bryden's Why I Am a Presbyterian" by David Clark; A response to Peter Bush's "A Brief History of the Committee on Church Growth to Double in the Eighties" (from Presbyterian History, Nov. 2010) by Stuart Macdonald; A reply to Stuart Macdonald by Peter Bush; Book Review of "Gloria: The Church of St. John and St. Stephen, Saint John, N.B., 1836-2008" the 2010 winner of the congregational history award of the Committee on History; Historical Vignette - an excerpt from the 1961 Acts and Proceedings on the church addressing the challenge of an aging population.

2010 November (Vol. 54, No. 2)
"A Brief History of the Committee on Church Growth to Double in the Eighties" by Peter Bush; Historical Vignette - The October Crisis (1970); Book briefs and reviews.

2010 May (Vol. 54, No. 1)
"The Presbyterian Church in Canada and the World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh 1910" by Peter Bush; "Recent Writing on the History of Christian Missions"
by Peter Bush.

2009 November (Vol. 53, No. 2)
"Reading John Calvin in the light of the Relationship between Canadian Presbyterians and First Nations Peoples: Some Models for Interaction" by Peter Bush; Book

2009 May (53, No. 1)
"John Calvin on the Community of the Church" by Peter Bush; Book reviews; Ways to Celebrate John Calvin's 500th Birthday.

2008 November (Vol. 52, No. 2)
"Opening New Paths to Ordination: Responding to the Missional Challenges" by Peter Bush; A review of some recent writing on Homosexuality and Same-Gendered Marriage; A Review of four books that help us answer Jesus' question, "Who do you say that I am?".

2008 May (Vol. 52, No. 1)
A Review of A. Donald MacLeod's "C. Stacey Woods and the Evangelical Rediscovery of the University"; Some recent writing about preaching; Documenting World Christianity and the Cross-cultural Missionary Endeavour.

2007 November (Vol. 51, No. 2)
"Helen Learmonth's Reminiscences of Early Edmonton" by Raymond J.S. Grant; Book reviews.

2007 May (Vol. 51, No. 1)
A Review of John A. Visser's "The Neo-Orthodox Theology of W.W. Bryden"; Book reviews.

2006 November (Vol. 50, No. 2)
"TheWriting of the History of The Presbyterian Church in Canada over the past Fifty Years" by John Moir; "What Historical Questions or Issues should we be thinking about over the next fifty years (or a more humble time framce, over the next 5 to 10 years)" by Ian S. Rennie; Book review of "No Small Jewel: A History of the Synod of Southwestern Ontario".

2006 May (Vol. 50 No. 1)
"The Impact of the Residential School Experience on the Contemporary Approach of The Presbyterian Church in Canada to Relationship with Aboriginal Peoples" by Mary F. Campbell; Book reviews.

2005 November (Vol. 49, No. 2)
"Two Books Every Elder (Teaching and Ruling) in The Presbyterian Church in Canada Should Read"; A Review of Recent Canadian Historical Writing of Special Interest to Presbyterians"; Book review of John S. Moir's "Unto The Hills Around: A History of St. Andrew's Church, Ottawa - In Celebration of 175 Years of Christian Witness"; Book notes.

2005 May (Vol. 49, No. 1)
A Review of A. Donald MacLeod's "W. Stanford Reid: An Evangelical Calvinist in the Academy"; A Review of John S. Moir's "Early Presbyterianism in Canada"; A Review of Recent Writing about North American Christianity; Book reviews.

2004 November (Vol. 48, No. 2)
"A Short History of St. Andrew's Church, Saint John, N.B.: The Mother Kirk of Presbyterianism in the Maritime Provinces" by Joan Cho; A Review of J.S.S. Armour's "Saints, Sinners and Scots: A History of the Church of St. Andrew amd St. Paul, Montreal, 1803-2003"; A Review of Recent Writing on Mission History and World Christianity.

2004 May (Vol. 48, No. 1)
"The Native Residential School System in Canada and The Presbyterian Church in Canada" by Peter Bush; A Review of Recent Books related to Worship and the History of Worship.

2003 November (Vol. 47, No. 2)
"The Presbyterian Church in Canada and the 1918-1919 Flu Epidemic" by Peter Bush; A Review of Recent Reformation History; Book Reviews.

2003 May (Vol. 47, No. 1)
"A Brief History of Stipend in The Presbyterian Church in Canada, 1920-2000" by Peter Bush; Book reviews

2002 October (Vol. 46, No. 2)
"Kildonan Presbyterian Cemetery: A Short History" by a Board of the Presbytery of Winnipeg Charged with the Care and Administration of the Kildonan Presbyterian Cemetery; "A Canadian Ministerial Connection with the Carse of Gowrie, Scotland" by Donald Abbott; A Review of Donald McGugan's "We Must Tell the Stories: The Presbyterian Churches of Bradford-West Gwillimbury".

2002 May (Vol. 46, No. 1)
"A Historical Overview of the Reformed Church in Hungary Under Communist Destruction: 1948-1989" by E. Akos Pereszlenyi; "A Brief History of the OM (Ordained Missionary) System" by Peter Bush.


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